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(August 11, 1902 -- March 6, 1986)

John R. (Jack) Binder (rhymes with tinder) was an American artist, the older brother of SF writers Earl and Otto Binder (who wrote as Eando Binder). With them, he was a member of the Chicago SFL in the 1930s.

Jack Binder was born in Austria-Hungary, but came to the United States with his family when he was eight. He attended the Art Institute of Chicago, studied with J. Allen St. John, and did art research at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Binder's SF art was published in a variety of pulp magazines, including Astounding, Astonishing, Captain Future, Dynamic Science Fiction, Future Science Fiction, Science Fiction Quarterly, Startling Stories, Strange Stories, and Thrilling Wonder Stories.

He also worked in the comic book field, setting up his own shop in 1940. His shop employed over 50 artists and produced thousands of pages for the major comic books of the time. Binder then went to work for C. C. Beck, who produced the Captain Marvel series. While with Beck, Binder worked primarily on the Mary Marvel and Mr. Scarlett comic books. He left Beck in 1946, and stopped working in the comic book field altogether in 1953.

Returning to commercial art, Binder started a studio that produced outdoor sculptures.

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