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(December 8, 1906 – 1970)

Inga Marie Stephens Pratt Clark, aka I. M. Stephens, an artist, was a central figure in the New York sf community of the 1950s.

She married SF, fantasy and history author Fletcher Pratt in 1926, his second wife.

In the early 1950s, the Pratts hosted meetings of the Hydra Club in their Manhattan apartment at 32 West 58th Street. Later the Pratts purchased a sprawling home in Highlands, New Jersey, with over thirty rooms, dubbing it the Ipsy-Wipsy Institute. It too became a gathering place for SF pros and fans.

She illustrated several of Pratt’s books, collaborated with him on at least a couple of stories, and served as his literary executor.

After Pratt’s death, Inga married chemist and author John Drury Clark in 1962.

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