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Incon (OH)
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(Did you mean a Washington state convention?)

Roger Reynolds held this tiny relaxacon in various Ohio locales during the 1980s. The actual name of the con was different each year, but always beginning with "Incon," e.g. Inconvenient, Inconspicuous, Inconsiderate.

The Hoagie Award was presented there. The original awards consisted of a shellacked, mounted hoagie roll, but after one recipient’s trophy was destroyed by rodents, Roger moved to a more traditional plaque.

No. Name Date Location GoHs, Notes
1 Inconspicuous 1982 Larry Tucker
2 March 1983 Sandusky, OH Sheraton
3 Inconclusive .55555 March 9-11, 1984 Sandusky, OH Sheraton Wilson Tucker, Ben Zuhl

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