Hugo Voting Process

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The Hugo voting process consists of two steps: Nominations and voting.

During nominations, members of the Worldcon vote for works and people to go onto the short list. See Nominating ballot and Nominating Ballot Details for much more on this.

Once the nominating ballot is ready, it is released to voters who have until about four weeks before the Worldcon to study the nominees and to cast their votes using a Transferable Preferential Ballot. See Final ballot for more on this.

At the close of voting, the Hugo administrator counts the ballots, determines the winners, causes the plaques (which will be affixed to the Hugo trophies which are normally not the Hugo administrator's job) to be engraved, and prepares the sealed envelopes which will be opened by the presenters during the Hugo Ceremony at the Worldcon.

Some argue that the people on the final ballot should be called finalists, not nominees, as anyone can claim they were nominated initially. We prefer to use the traditional term nominee for those on the final ballot, as for the others, they are "comparable to Tolkien at his best..."