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Helen J. Montgomery is a Chicago-area fan who has been involved with Capricon since 2000. She was an instrumental part of the Chicago in 2012 Worldcon bid, and served as one of the Vice-chairs for Chicon 7; she also served as the Publications Division Head for Denvention 3 and Events Division Head for both Loncon 3 and Dublin 2019, and Chair of Capricon 29, Capricon 30, and Smofcon 34. She was a co-chair of the Chicago in 2022 Worldcon bid and chaired Chicon 8. She has been a part of the Journey Planet fanzine team for many years and helped start the Phandemonium book club and euchre club.

In 2010, Helen joined with a group of fans in forming the Science Fiction Outreach Project, which collects donated SF/F books and gives them away at speculative fiction conventions, in hopes of introducing people to the genre and promoting science fiction conventions.

Montgomery is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Illinois. In 2018 she moved to the Seattle area.

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