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When the rights to host the 1968 Worldcon was won by a Bay Area group won which merged it with the Westercon they'd already been chosen to run, the July 4th weekend (July 4-7, 1968) became available. Chuck Crayne proposed an LA-area event to fill the weekend – F-UNCon – and a group to run it, Future Unbounded. The members of Future Unbounded included Crayne, Bruce Pelz, Dian Crayne and others.

Future Unbounded was in the forefront of the large convention movement. Their site, the LA Statler Hilton Hotel had a level of luxury beyond what was normal in convention hotels, and Crayne wrote in the program book that "The F-UNcon is an attempt to show that — when properly planned — the larger a convention, the better the convention."

The group subsequently won the right to a run the 1969 Westercon, FUNcon II.

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