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(June 8, 1915 -- April 24, 1996)

Frank Riley, Mark Clifton's co-author of They'd Rather Be Right (re-titled The Forever Machine, the original title of the Astounding serial when published as a Galaxy SF Novel in 1959), was the pseudonym of Frank Wilbert Ryhlick. Ryhlick was a freelance writer and later travel editor for the Los Angeles Times. His first published SF was the cover-featured story "The Execution" in IF (April 1956).

In addition to the Hugo-winning novel with Clifton, Riley wrote the "Father Anton Dymek" mysteries and published two mainstream novels and a non-fiction book, Dixie Demagogues (1939), under his own name.

He worked at the New York Daily News in the late 1930s, and served with the marines during World War II. For a time he also hosted a local radio program in Los Angeles and was travel editor for the L.A.Times.

Under the Frank Riley pseudonym he wrote several SF stories for IF in the 1950s. A brief obituary appeared in the June 1996 issue (#425) of Locus.

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