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(May 4, 1907 – March 14, 1967)

Frances Nevada Swisher (sometimes styled F. N. Swisher, born Frances Nevada Kerr) worked on indexing SF fanzines, prozines, authors, etc., with her husband, early SF fan Dr. R. D. Swisher. They created the Swisher Index.

Frances married Robert in her home state of Michigan on March 3, 1935. In 1939, they attended the first Worldcon together. She tried to convince the Triumvirs to reverse their Exclusion Act against the Futurians. They went to the Second Washington Confabulation in 1941.

The Swishers hosted two of the early Boskones at their home in Winchester, MA. They brought their daughter, Frances Nevada Swisher II (July 3, 1940–November 7, 2006), to Stranger Club meetings. They had two other daughters.

Frances’ pecan buns were famous among early fen.

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