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There was an interesting letter from Ackerman about it in Fantasy Times #84. The abbreviation FF for Fantasy Foundation was used in Leonard Moffatt's 1950 Fan Directory.

See Operation Futurian.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
In ancient times did Ackerman
A stf Academie envision
(Nothing from his mind farther than
The thought that any sort of fan
Would view it with derision...)

Well, reasonably ancient; when 4e was drafted in the fall of 1942, he willed his collection to fandom and set up a $1000 insurance policy to help fandom maintain it. At the Pacificon Ackerman decided not to put things off till his death, and presented to the assembled fen a scheme for the present Fantasy Foundation, inviting support and contributions. Tho intended to publish bibliographies and similar material and create a Master Library of Imaginative Literature, the thing never really got off the ground. Laney developed the idea of an organization which would be of utility to any student or lover of fantasy, but at present the thing is merely a museum-appendix to Ackerman's own collection. Only important production: the 1948 Fantasy Annual.

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