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A fanzine published by Joe Siclari which was devoted to topics of fan history, and especially reprinting important articles. It was 8 1/2" x 11" mimeoed and stapled.

Issue Date Pages Notes
0 August 30, 1975 24 coedited by Gary Farber
1 May 1976 44 coedited by Gary Farber
2 August 1978 60 coedited by Karina Siclari
* "Ticka...Ticka...Ticka..." editorial by Joe Siclari
* "Ah! Sweet Idiocy! (part 1) by F. Towner Laney
* "Up the Garden Pathology" by Walt Willis
* "Numerical Fandoms: What Was That Fandom I Saw You With" by Ted White
* "Numerical Fandoms: Hey! Mr. Buonarott1" by rich brown (new article)
* LoCs
* "Beard Mumblings" by Bob Tucker
3 August 1980 50
4 December 1982 52 * "Ticka...Ticka...Ticka..." editorial by Joe Siclari
* "Fandom as a Way of Life' by Alva Rogers
* "Fanoclasts" by Dick Lupoff
* "The Tucker Hotel""" by Bob Shaw, et al.
* "Ah! Sweet Idiocy! (part 3) by F. Towner Laney
* "Science Fiction Newsletter #22 (Oct. 1951)" by Bob Tucker
* "The Ray Nelson Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit"
5 November 1996 40 coedited by Edie Stern

Fanhistorica online at

Publication 19751996
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