Fandom Harvest II

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Cover by Steve Stiles

Fandom Harvest II is a second collection of Terry Carr's fan writing published in 2019 by Ansible Editions as a larger continuation of Fandom Harvest.


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Dave Langford
  • Why Johnny Can't Read Fanzines
  • How to Become a Fan in Eight Easy Lessons
  • The Fan Who Never Grew Young
  • Fables for Fandom
  • My Fair Femmefan
  • Charles Burbee: The Compleat Machiavelli
  • The BNF of Iz
  • The BNF of Iz – An Exegesis
  • The Detention Tales
  • The Chaser
  • Fandom Harvest Revisited
  • Facts in the Case of Nathaniel Whately
  • I Heard the Beat of Fannish Drums
  • The Grunch and the Eggplant
  • Egoboo for Algernon
  • Boycon or Bust!
  • Tailgate Ramble (Lighthouse editorials)
  • Fanzine Fanfaronade
  • The Demolished Fan
  • The Gafiated World
  • Tricon and Bust
  • The Convention That Couldn't Be Killed
  • Seacon '79
  • Greater Realities
  • The Sharks of Elron
  • Corflu II
  • Clarion Fannish
  • Night of the Living Oldpharts
  • Original Appearances

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