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Acronymic shorthand for the Fannish and Insurgent Scientifictional Association. A NYC fan club founded by Mike McInerney and Earl Evers on April 17, 1964 at their apartment in the Lower East Side. They co-hosted until Evers was drafted at which point rich brown took over as co-host. FIStFA had essentially no rules and no parliamentary proceedings.

FIStFA became a kind of "sister" club to the New York Fanoclasts, despite differing philosophical approaches: Fanoclast membership was by invitation while FIStFA was open to anyone. In its early years, FIStFA only had to compromise its democratic principles once –- an attendee who was a heroin addict and was attempting to boil his hypodermic needles on Mike McInerney's stove was told he was persona non grata.

APA-F was started at a FIStFA meeting.

It appears to be still active.

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