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(April 13, 1914 – July 8, 1988)

Earl Perry, left, and Ed Counts at Midwestcon 1, 1950. Photo by E. E. Evans.

Edwin F. Counts (born Floyd Edwin Counts), a fan from Battle Creek, MI, active in the 1940s, was a charter member of The National Fantasy Fan Federation in 1941.

He was one of the attendees at Michicon 4 in 1944 at the Slan Shack in Battle Creek, at the First Post-Radar-Contact-with-the-Moon Con in Chicago in 1946 and Midwestcon 1 in Ohio in 1950, as well as several Worldcons. He was a member of Philcon II in 1953

During World War II, Counts sent more than 50 prozines to stf-deprived British fen through Operation Fantast.

He married Lucille Olson in 1938 and they had one son, Brian, and a daughter, Marcia. Lucille died in 1953 and Ed died in 1988.

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