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(Did you mean a British, Melbourne or Wisconsin convention?)

Four small conventions named Eastercon were held in New York City in the late 1960s. In the mid-60s, Lunacon was a very sercon one-day convention without significant parties, so FISTFA and the Fanoclasts created the Eastercon, a party convention held on the same weekend as Lunacon. Eastercon was eventually discontinued after the Lunacon committee saw that when there were parties, more people wanted to stay over for them. With parties part of Lunacon, there was no longer a need for Eastercon.

Convention Dates Notes
Eastercon 1 April 23-24, 1965 A room party held in Room 232 of Loew's Midtown Motor Inn in Manhattan on the Friday before Lunacon 8). It was by all accounts, a boisterous affair. Ron Ellik reported that "by 10 pm the place was jumping". George Heap on guitar could not be heard more than two paces away. Other attendees included Hal Clement, Lee Hoffman, Terry & Carol Carr, Ted White, Jack Gaughan, Charlie Brown, Lin Carter, Frank Dietz, Calvin Thomas Beck, John Boardman, Ken Beale, Pat & Dick Lupoff, Fred Lerner, and Will Sykora.
Eastercon 2 April 16–17, 1966 Held at the same hotel as Lunacon 9 on the same days. (Lunacon was now a two-day convention.) There were over 100 in attendance and 235 total at combined Lunacon and Eastercon.
Eastercon 3 April 28–29, 1967 Eastercon consisted of fan parties starting at 8 pm on the nights of Lunacon 10 at the Hotel Roosevelt, and while still run by FISTFA, Eastercon combined its membership fee with Lunacon's.
Eastercon 4 April 19–21, 1968 At this point, Lunacon was essentially part of Lunacon 11.

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