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[This is Chapter 3 from George Scithers' Con-Committee Chairman's Guide, the story of Discon I, the 1963 Worldcon. Retyped in 2001 by Tim Illingworth, from a copy of the original 1965 publication.]


Sunday morning was a time that pretty well ran itself: the Burroughs Bibliophiles and the Fantasy Amateur Press Association (two groups whose memberships have very little overlap - a factor to consider in scheduling simultaneous meetings) ran their own meetings, needing only meeting room space. The only problems with the meetings of various groups and societies are, to get them to tell you (in advance of the cutoff date for your scheduling) that they do want to meet, and to persuade them that their meetings will have to be scheduled in the morning, because all the prime evening program time is being scheduled for the general program items.

A cartoon film was provided by a friend of Dick Lupoff's. Dave van Arnam, another friend of Dick's, ran the projector. A typical last minute incident illustrates the need for buffer items throughout the program: Bhob Stewart called up a few days before the con to offer some extra film bits. We squeezed in an excellent experimental film by Bhob, and a sequence from an old movie which showed scenes straight out of Dante's Hell, marvelously effective. We didn't have time for a third film, because we had already scheduled another meeting (a Muster of the Hyborian Legion) in that room at 1:00PM. As it was, the Muster ran from 1:30 till 2:00 and had a second session the following morning.

And suddenly it was time for the Banquet and the Hugos.


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