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This one's complicated!

It was originally was a clubzine named Bulletin of the Cleveland Science Fantasy Society, (unsurprisingly for the Cleveland Science Fantasy Society). After becoming editor in 1952, Ellison published five issues as a clubzine before changing the title to Science Fantasy Bulletin (published through Fanvariety Enterprises) to show that it had become his own fanzine. After changing the title, he published nine issues through 1954. The last three issues were again renamed, this time to Dimensions. The last issue was published in 1957.

Honey Wood was a long-time senior staff member.

Issue Date Pages Notes
As Bulletin of the Cleveland Science Fantasy Society
*13 V2.2 / 3 March 30, 1952 31 Harlan Ellison becomes editor
*14 V2.3 / 4 April 1952 50
*15 V2.4 / 5 May 1952 35
*16 V2.5 / 6 June 1952 48
*17 / 7 August 1952 31
Renamed Science Fantasy Bulletin
*8 V1.8 September 1952 82
*9 V1.9 October 1952 49
*10 V1.10 November 1952 37
*11 V1.11 December 1952 53
*12 V1.12 January 1953 37
*13 V2.1 March 1953 90 Last issue titled Science Fiction Bulletin
Title changed to Dimensions
*14 May-July, 1954 62 (title change is complete)
*15 August 1954 92

Dimensions online at fanac.org

Next the name was taken over by an apazine published by Larry Shaw for both FAPA and OMPA named Dimensions 16. He used covers that Harlan had had printed for Dimensions #16 on several issues, but no materials from the zine.

Issue Date Pages Notes
V1.1 September 1956 30 In OMPA 9
V1.2 1957 18 In OMPA 12
November 1957 12 in FAPA 81

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