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In the late 40s, Ontario fandom was centered around the Toronto Science Fiction Society which was founded in 1948 and the fanzine Canadian Fandom. Beak Taylor and Ned McKeown were prominent members.

In the early 50s, a new group of fans (including Bill Grant, Ron Kidder, Howard Lyons, Boyd Raeburn, Gerald Steward, and Pat Patterson) joined. Around 1953, a clique of insurgents, most notably Ned McKeown. Bill Grant, Howard Lyons, Boyd Raeburn, and Gerald Steward, started calling themselves the Toronto Derelicts or the The Derelict Insurgents.

As typical insurgents, they indulged in light-hearted, non-serious behavior. Besides fanzines, the Insurgents were known for their liking of Beat poetry, jazz, leather jackets and fast cars.

They were affiliated with the CSFA.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
Toronto fans, hosts to the 1948 TorCon and continuing up to the present time. Ned McKeown, Bill Grant, Howard Lyons, and Ger Steward were/are members. The Derelict Insurgents include Steward and Boyd Raeburn.

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