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(October 1, 1953 – June 17, 2013)

Dennis Kevin Dolbear, a New Orleans fan, was a member of the New Orleans Science Fiction Association and, along with Pete Bezbak, was co-editor of NOSFAn after Guy Lillian. He published Prologue for Myriad, and was a member (and OE) of SFPA and a member of the Sons of the Sand.

He was also on the NOLAcon II staff (famously failing to create the 1988 Worldcon's program, resulting in the con report “Bring Me the Head of Dennis Dolbear” by Janice Gelb, who was one of many who spent the entire convention playing catchup as a consequence) along with working on a number of other conventions over the years.

In Challenger 23 Winter 2005, Dolbear wrote of his harrowing experience clinging to the gutters of his house, alongside his 85-year-old mother, amid the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina.

In mundane life, Dolbear was an attorney. He died of pneumonia and septicemia.

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