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A fan group from Manchester (UK) which produced short amateur films with comedy and SF themes. At Repetercon in 1964, some of their films were so well received that they were given money to produce films for the 1965 Worldcon to be held in London.

They chose to produce Breathworld, a spoof of Harry Harrison's Deathworld, and Castle of Terrors, a horror movie spoof.

Members included Colin Britch, Bill Burns, Peter Day, Tony Edwards, Marge Edwards, George Gill, Tom Holt, Tina Kerrigan, Aub Marks, Brian Marshall, Ray Miller-Lawson, Sandra McKay, Harry Nadler, Marie Nadler, Charles Partington, Don Poole, Joyce Tarrant, Dave Trengove.

How some filming was done at the 1965 Eastercon

Bill Burns remembers

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