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Dominick Alberti (August 23, 1887–May 15, 1968) and Bella Alberti (née Bella Isabel Neumann; ca. 1889–April 4, 1958) signed the register as attendees of Nycon 1, the first Worldcon, in 1939, as "Mr & Mrs D. Alberti." They were accompanying their daughters, Rose Alberti and Frances Alberti. Frances would later marry Triumvir Will Sykora, one of the con organizers, and Rose became engaged, for a time, to Jimmy Taurasi, another one.

Fantasy-News reports that the elder Albertis attended some QSFL events with their daughters, as well. Since their daughters were, respectively, 24 and 18 years old at the time of Nycon, we believe they attended out of genuine interest rather than merely as chaperones. Their son, Bill, was a member of the QSFL, too.

Dominick was a Queens barber, originally from Resuttano, Sicily, Italy, and Bella a New Yorker. Bella died in 1958; Dominick lived another ten years.

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