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Sleep cheap[edit]

To crash is to sleep in a hotel room that somebody else has booked and is paying for during a con. Fans low on funds or who didn't make it into the hotel block will often ask around among their friends and friends of friends whether anyone has crash space, such as a single person staying in a room with two beds or someone who doesn't mind sharing a bed.

The crasher may or may not contribute to the price of the room rental -- there are no rules, just what you work out with the other fan(s), but it's nice to offer something if you can. Otherwise, pay forward the next time you have a room and someone else needs crash space.

Fans who live dangerously may just show up at a con without knowing ahead of time where they're going to crash. If you do this, be prepared to spend all night in the film room if it doesn't work out. In the morning, you can try looking for somebody who'll let you catch some shuteye and a shower in their room after they're awake for the day.


To go to bed, especially late at night or after exertion. "I'm partied out. I'm going to crash now."

Party crash[edit]

To worm your way into a closed-door party to which you were not invited, which sometimes is as easy as asking if you can come in. But don't press it, otherwise.


To gate-crash — attend a con without a membership. This use of crash and crasher has largely given way to ghost. Don't do it, anyway.


Pro-crasher is an old term for a fan who’s become a pro.

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