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The 1975 ConFusion (which was the first) was named ConFusion 13. (It was almost named "Condom", but wiser heads prevailed. The "13" was a whim of the chairman in spite of this being the first ConFusion named "ConFusion" after an initial convention called A2 Relax Icon.)

It was held January 24-26, 1975 at the Briarwood Hilton in Ann Arbor, MI. GoHs: Frederik Pohl and Mike Glicksohn. Toastmaster: Jim Martin. Chaired by Ro Nagey. Instead of an expected 150 members, 350 people turned up. See Stilyagi Air Corps for more on the con's early days.

Locus qoutes Rusty Hevelin as saying that "An unplanned program highlight was a dialog about 2 am Saturday morning between the hotels' night manager and two policemen they called in to throw the con out of the hotel. Dozens of fans lined the hall to watch as the fuzz, seemingly on "our" side, kept telling the irate and frustrated manager that they saw nothing they should do anything about and finally walked out while his mouth was still running. In spite of this and other hotel hassles, the parties and the entire con went very well."

The very affectionate farewells among fans in the hotel lobby earned ConFusion the nickname Fondlecon.

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