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Con*Tretemps 9, known as "Verticon" for its placement of panel, video, and gaming rooms on separate floors of the hotel, was held June 23-25, 1995 at the Omaha Four Points Sheraton Inn on 120th Street between L and Q Streets in Omaha, NE. The GoH was Steven Brust, the AGoH was Mitchell Davidson Bentley, and the FGoH was Jim Murray. Rusty Hevelin was Toastmaster.

Myrna "Dragon Lady" Logan, Roger Tener, and Robert C. Cornett were Friends of the Con. An alert fan helped save the convention from a possible liability suit when he reported to the convention organizers that people who had not registered as guests were using the con's computer game room. This was the last of the Con*Tretemps, billed as going "Out with a bang!" with the newly-organized ConCussion, an attempt to unify Omaha and Lincoln, NE fandom by merging the staff of Impact, Con*Tretemps, Maelstrom, and Andromeda to follow in 1996.

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