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(1931 -- 2013)

Colin Henry Wilson was a British author of SF/fantasy, crime, and the paranormal. He was also author and editor of many non-fiction works.

Wilson wrote more than 150 books during his career. His first SF novel was The Mind Parasites (1967). Other novels of genre interest include The Glass Cage (1967), The Philosopher's Stone (1969), The Space Vampires (1976) [adapted for film as Lifeforce in 1985], The Personality Surgeon (1985), and the four-volume Spider World series (1987-2003).

His most famous book was The Outsider (1956), a non-fiction study of social outcasts and outsiders in literature and culture.

Wilson was born June 26, 1931, in Leicester, Leicestershire, England. He left school at 16 and educated himself while working as a lab assistant, civil servant, and magazine salesman before becoming a full-time writer in 1954.

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