Clifford R. Wind

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Seattle-area fan who is married to fellow fan Marilyn Holt; the two of them helped to run numerous Norwescons.

While living temporarily in Australia, he helped Australian fans Grant Stone and Anthony Peacey to organize Swancon 1, the first Western Australian regional convention in Perth in 1975.

He was part of the bidcomm for the unsuccessful Seattle in 1981 bid. The bid advertised pre-supporting memberships for $1.00 "or 6,000 pounds of assorted nuts and berries to keep the bigfoots happy and nonviolent until '81", triggering the Nuts and Berries Hoax.

With Jerry Kaufman, at Syncon '83 he put forward a Seattle in '85 joke bid to host the 1985 Australian Natcon in Seattle, USA. It won, and was dubbed Spawncon. The 1983 Natcon Business Meeting decided that the losing legitimate bid, Advention '85, would run the convention anyway, and the 1984 Natcon Business Meeting at Eureka!con made this official by overriding the 1983 site selection results.

He was a Party Guest for Rain Finale, the sixth and final Rain convention in 1984.

Fanzines and Apazines:

He also contributed to the March 1981 issue of the genzine Wild Fennel, and was a member of OASIS APA.

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