Chicon III Program

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The program from Chicon III, the 1962 Worldcon.


6:00 PM Registration begins, Lincoln Room


9:00 AM Registration begins, 3rd Floor Lobby outside the Florentine Room 9:00 AM N3F Breakfast Meeting, YMCA Hotel, Television Room 10:00 AM Third Annual Fan Art Show opens, Victorian Room 10:00 AM Retail Exhibits open, Buckingham Room 11:30 AM Opening of Program, James O'Meara, Vice Chairman Address of Welcome, Rosemary Hickey, Secretary Introduction of Notables, Dean McLaughlin & Howard DeVore 12:15 PM Installation of Chairman, James O'Meara & Earl Kemp Welcoming Remarks, Earl Kemp 12:30 PM Recess/lunch

1:30 PM America's Future in Space, Jay Holmes (NASA), Florentine Room 2:15 PM The Paperback: Hope of the Future?, Ian Ballantine, Florentine Room 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Reception in honor of Walt Willis, Park View Room 3:00 PM SF, Is It Really Literature? Edward Wood, Basil Davenport, Jack Williamson, P. Schuyler Miller, Anthony Boucher, Clifford D. Simak, Judith Merril, Alfred Bester, Florentine Room 4:30 PM Auction, Martin Moore & Al Lewis 6:30 PM Recess/dinner

8:00 PM A Sense of Wonder, Dean A. Grennell, Vic Ryan, Ethel Lindsay (TAFF), Walt Willis, Harry Warner, Jr., Phyllis Economou, Ruth Berman, Florentine Room 9:00 PM Recess/Costuming time

10:00 PM Entertainment by Theodore Sturgeon, Theodore R. Cogswell, Juanita Coulson, Avenue West Room 10:30 PM The Grand March, Judges: Margaret Brundage, Ed Emsh, Richard M. Powers 11:30 PM The Hell Fire Club Dance, music by Charles Lane


9:00 AM Annual Business Meeting and selection of 1963 convention site, Martin Moore, Florentine Room 10:00 AM The Chicago Science Fiction League presents: An Exhibition of the Art of Richard M. Powers, Park View Room 10:00 AM IQ Testing Session, Jules Karlin & William Kosinar, James O'Meara, Vic Ryan 11:15 AM Personality Testing Session, J. E. Pournelle, James O'Meara, Vic Ryan 12:30 PM Recess/Lunch

12:30 PM Burroughs Bibliophiles Luncheon, Mrs. J. Allen St. John, Avenue East Room 1:30 PM Science Fiction, Mental Illness and the Law, Marvin W. Mindes, Florentine Room 2:15 PM Science Fiction and the Men's Magazines, Frank M. Robinson 3:00 PM Is There Too Much Sex in Science Fiction?, Martha Beck, A. J. Budrys, Avram Davidson, Donald A. Wollheim, Daniel F. Galouye, James Blish, Philip José Farmer 4:15 PM Auction, Session Two, Martin Moore and Al Lewis 5:00 PM Richard Powers Exhibition closes, Park View Room 6:30 PM Recess/Dress-up Time

7:30 PM Annual Hugo Awards banquet, Wilson Tucker (Master of Ceremones), Avenue West Room A Function for Fable, Theodore Sturgeon Presentation of Special Recognition and Hugo Awards for 1962 Door Prize Drawings Banquet Background Music: Selections from Aniara, 1962 Hugo Honorable Mention, Swedish science fiction opera 10:00 PM Fafhrd and Me, Fritz Leiber, Florentine Room 10: 45 PM Monsters I Have Known, Robert Bloch 11:30 PM Special Showing of Experimental Films by Ed Emsh 12:15 PM WBKB, Channel 7. Telecast of Off the Cuff special science fiction program, Norman Ross, Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Bloch, Willy Ley, Jay Holmes, Anthony Boucher, A. J. Budrys


10:00 AM The Committee for Interstellar Friendship of the All World's and All People's International Club present: Pieter Romaine Clark and his Puppeteers, Florentine Room 10:30 AM TAFF Auction, Robert Bloch 11:15 AM Changing Concepts About the Planets, Willy Ley 12:00 noon Registration Desk closes, 3rd floor lobby 12:00 noon Fan Art Show closes, Victorian Room 12:15 PM Recess/Lunch

1:15 PM Warfare in the Future: 1962-000, J. E. Pournelle, Florentine Room 2:00 PM Politics in Science Fiction, George W. Price, A. J. Budrys, Theodore R. Cogswell, Poul Anderson, Norman DeWitt, Dean McLaughlin, J. E. Pournelle 3:15 PM Report on Registration, George W. Price, Treasurer Announcements Presentation of Gavel to Chairman of the 21st World Science Fiction Convention 4:00 PM Adjournment 8:00 PM Retail Exhibits close, Buckingham Room

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