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This is a list of the categories we have on Fancyclopedia

Master: Award, Bid, Bidding, Club, Conrunning, Convention, Fancast, Fanfund, Fanhistory, Fanspeak, Fiction, Group, Locale, Misc, Penname, Person, Publication, Publishing, Publisher, Show, Store, Venue, Website, None

Region: Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland, NZ, UK, US, ROW, World

Sub-categories: Fan, Pro, Mundane, APA, Fanzine, Apazine, Clubzine, Newszine, Prozine, Semiprozine, Fanthology, Book, Bibliography, Conseries, Onetimecon, Inseries

Descriptive: Abomination, Artist, Canvention, Catchphrase, Eastercon,Eurocon, Fancy1, Fancy2, Feud, Filk, First fandom, Food, Hoax, Hugos, Initialism, Media, Niickname, Notable, Obsolete, Obscure fact, Tolkien, Westercon, Worldcon WSFS

Administrative: Admin, mlo, jrb, Nofiles, Nodates, Noseries, Nowebsite, Hasfiles, Haslink, Haswebsite, Fixme, Details, Redirect, Wikidot, Multiple, Choice, Iframe

Master Categories[edit]

Pages must be in one of these master categories. This is done automatically if the {{person | born=????}} etc template is added.

  • Admin - for internal organisation of the site, templates etc
  • Award - Awards, but only apply to the key pages for award series
  • Bid - A bid for a convention
  • Bidding - Convention bidding races
  • Club - clubs and writing groups and writing workshops
  • Conrunning - The mechanics of running a convention, famous incidents
  • Convention - Conventions, festivals etc.
  • Fancast - Spoken fan publication
  • Fanfund - Fanfunds
  • Fanhistory - Articles about what fandom is like, including reminiscence.
  • Fanspeak - fannish words and concepts. Some overlap with publishing and conrunning.
  • Group - for closed groups, like filk groups, small teams
  • Locale - A geographical place, typically a city
  • Penname, Nickname - Former as authors, latter as people [mlo: Is this a useful distinction? It's clear enough, but is it useful?] Pennames for pros should be invisible redirects. Nicknames for fans have some interest, but again would better be part of the fan's main page. So I think its clutter and would remove it. I now think they should be redirects to a bolded mention in an person's actual page. JRB
  • Person
  • Publication - A hidden category for all publications above.
  • Publisher - Companies, not people. Both large concerns and small presses
  • Publishing - The mechanics of producing books, fanzines etc, cf conrunning for cons.
  • Show - Fannish musicals, plays, films etc
  • Store - Place to buy things, bricks and mortar or online
  • Venue - Building that holds cons, or a slan shack house.
  • Website - websites
  • Misc - Anything else, as all pages should have a category
  • None - Pages the admins don't want to have a category, generally because we don't want to index them


Anything that has a location should be one of UK, Ireland, Europe, NZ, Australia, Canada, Asia, US, ROW

People should be in at least one of these 3 categories

  • Fan - Someone with an amateur interest in fandom. They pay to do it
  • Pro - Someone with a professional interest. Author, publisher, actor, artist, illustrator, scientist, journalist, academic etc. They get paid to do it.
  • Mundane - Someone outside of the SF community, like a scientist or actor (scientists who are fans do not get the Mundane category also)

Conventions will be given a subcategory automatically based on their {{convention}} contents. Do not add them manually

  • Conseries - The master page for a convention series
  • Onetimecon - For conventions that only ran once
  • Inseries - Conventions as part of a series

Publications should be one of

  • APA - APA
  • Fanzine, Apazine, Newszine, Prozine, Semiprozine, Fanthology - Different sorts of fan publication, fanzine, apazine, newszine, prozine, semiprozine, fanthology
  • Book - A notable book, series of books, song book, or a short story, length is not an issue, format is.
  • Bibliography - A list of books, fanzines, prozines, etc.

Descriptive categories[edit]

People can also be Artist - Anyone who produces art, including video

All pages can be one of these

  • Abomination - It's traditional for a few editorial remarks to creep in
  • Catchphrase - It used to be a proud and lonely thing to be a fan.
  • Fancy1, fancy2 - containing content from Fancyclopedia 1 or Fancyclopedia 2
  • Feud - Feuds
  • Filk - Filk singing, includes people, conventions, groups, clubs
  • First Fandom - First Fandom
  • Food - food and drink
  • Hoax - Hoaxes
  • Initialism - Things referred to by their initials
  • Media - non-written fandoms, tv, film, anime etc.
  • Notable - Specially important pages (in the opinion of the editors)
  • Obscure Fact - ? [mlo: This is in the category of "it seemed like a good idea at the time". The idea was to tag things people just browsing might find amusing. We should discuss whether it retains enough value.]
  • Obsolete - ? [mlo: I think this may still be useful. It designates usages, mainly, which are obsolete. Let's discuss, as it might be as useful turned into something like Obsolete at the top of the definition.]
  • Tolkien - people, clubs, conventions about that


  • Details Hidden category for high levels of detail, like 1971 TAFF Race or Best Novel Hugo, to hide pages from Category lists
  • Hugos - Pages about the Hugos, categories, year summaries, but not atBest Novel Hugo level
  • Fixme
  • Admin
  • Mlo,Jrb - For Mark and John to fix
  • Nodates,Nofiles,Haswebsite,Haslink,Hasfiles - mentions/omissions in templates
  • Redirect,Wikidot - redirections, the latter to handle old Wikidot names
  • List - Delete?
  • Multiple, Choice - Pages with multiple entries


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