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'''Sub-categories:''' [[:Category:fan|Fan]], [[:Category:Pro|Pro]], [[:Category:Mundane|Mundane]], [[:Category:APA|APA]], [[:Category:Fanzine|Fanzine]], [[:Category:Apazine|Apazine]], [[:Category:Clubzine|Clubzine]],  [[:Category:Newszine|Newszine]], [[:Category:Prozine|Prozine]], [[:Category:Semiprozine| Semiprozine]], [[:Category:Fanthology|Fanthology]], [[:Category:Book|Book]], [[:Category:Bibliography|Bibliography]], [[:Category:Conseries|Conseries]], [[:Category:Onetimecon|Onetimecon]], [[:Category:Inseries|Inseries]]
'''Sub-categories:''' [[:Category:fan|Fan]], [[:Category:Pro|Pro]], [[:Category:Mundane|Mundane]], [[:Category:APA|APA]], [[:Category:Fanzine|Fanzine]], [[:Category:Apazine|Apazine]], [[:Category:Clubzine|Clubzine]],  [[:Category:Newszine|Newszine]], [[:Category:Prozine|Prozine]], [[:Category:Semiprozine| Semiprozine]], [[:Category:Fanthology|Fanthology]], [[:Category:Book|Book]], [[:Category:Bibliography|Bibliography]], [[:Category:Conseries|Conseries]], [[:Category:Onetimecon|Onetimecon]], [[:Category:Inseries|Inseries]]
'''Descriptive:''' [[:Category:Abomination|Abomination]], [[:Category:Artist|Artist]], [[:Category:Canvention|Canvention]], [[:Category:Catchphrase|Catchphrase]], [[:Category:Covid-19|Covid-19]], [[:Category:Eastercon|Eastercon]],[[:Category:Eurocon|Eurocon]], [[:Category:Fancy1|Fancy1]], [[:Category:Fancy2|Fancy2]], [[:Category:Feud|Feud]], [[:Category:Filk|Filk]], [[:Category:First_fandom|First fandom]], [[:Category:Food|Food]], [[:Category:Hoax|Hoax]], [[:Category:Hugos|Hugos]], [[:Category:Initialism|Initialism]], [[:Category:List|List]],  [[:Category:Media|Media]], [[:Category:Nickname|Nickname]], [[:Category:Notable|Notable]], [[:Category:Obsolete|Obsolete]], [[:Category:Obscure_fact|Obscure fact]], [[:Category:Penname|Penname]],[[:Category:Tolkien|Tolkien]], [[:Category:Westercon|Westercon]], [[:Category:Worldcon|Worldcon]] [[:Category:WSFS|WSFS]] [[:Category:WW_II_Death]]
'''Descriptive:''' [[:Category:Abomination|Abomination]], [[:Category:Artist|Artist]], [[:Category:Canvention|Canvention]], [[:Category:Catchphrase|Catchphrase]], [[:Category:Covid-19|Covid-19]], [[:Category:Eastercon|Eastercon]],[[:Category:Eurocon|Eurocon]], [[:Category:Fancy1|Fancy1]], [[:Category:Fancy2|Fancy2]], [[:Category:Feud|Feud]], [[:Category:Filk|Filk]], [[:Category:First_fandom|First fandom]], [[:Category:Food|Food]], [[:Category:Hoax|Hoax]], [[:Category:Hugos|Hugos]], [[:Category:Initialism|Initialism]], [[:Category:List|List]],  [[:Category:Media|Media]], [[:Category:Nickname|Nickname]], [[:Category:Notable|Notable]], [[:Category:Obsolete|Obsolete]], [[:Category:Obscure_fact|Obscure fact]], [[:Category:Penname|Penname]],[[:Category:Tolkien|Tolkien]], [[:Category:Westercon|Westercon]], [[:Category:Worldcon|Worldcon]] [[:Category:WSFS|WSFS]]  
'''Administrative:''' [[:Category:Admin|Admin]], [[:Category:Nodates|Nodates]],  [[:Category:Nostart|Nostart]],  [[:Category:Noseries|Noseries]],[[:Category:Noend|Noend]],  
'''Administrative:''' [[:Category:Admin|Admin]], [[:Category:Nodates|Nodates]],  [[:Category:Nostart|Nostart]],  [[:Category:Noseries|Noseries]],[[:Category:Noend|Noend]],  

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This is a list of the categories we have on Fancyclopedia

Master: Award, Bid, Bidding, Club, Conrunning, Convention, Fancast, Fanfund, Fanhistory, Fanspeak, Fiction, Group, Locale, Misc, Person, Publication, Publishing, Publisher, Show, Store, Venue, Website, Timeline, None, Validated

Region: Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland, NZ, UK, US, ROW, World

Sub-categories: Fan, Pro, Mundane, APA, Fanzine, Apazine, Clubzine, Newszine, Prozine, Semiprozine, Fanthology, Book, Bibliography, Conseries, Onetimecon, Inseries

Descriptive: Abomination, Artist, Canvention, Catchphrase, Covid-19, Eastercon,Eurocon, Fancy1, Fancy2, Feud, Filk, First fandom, Food, Hoax, Hugos, Initialism, List, Media, Nickname, Notable, Obsolete, Obscure fact, Penname,Tolkien, Westercon, Worldcon WSFS WW_II_Death

Administrative: Admin, Nodates, Nostart, Noseries,Noend, Nowebsite, Hasfiles, Haslink, Haswebsite, Fixme, Details, Redirect, Wikidot, Multiple, Choice, Iframe, IA, Nocountry

Master Categories[edit]

Pages must be in one of these master categories. This is done automatically if the {{person | born=????}} etc template is added.

  • Admin - For internal organisation of the site, templates etc
  • Award - Awards, but only apply to the key pages for award series
  • Bid - A bid for a convention
  • Bidding - Other kinds of material about convention bidding, including pages documenting the results of a vote
  • Club - Clubs and other voluntary, non-commercial, more-or-less open associations including the sponsoring organizations for conventions
  • Conrunning - The mechanics of running a convention, famous incidents
  • Convention - Conventions, festivals etc. But only Fannish SF conventions -- not comicons, etc.
  • Fancast - Spoken fan publications
  • Fanfund - Fanfunds
  • Fanhistory - Articles about what fandom is like, including reminiscence.
  • Fanspeak - Fannish words and concepts. Some overlap with publishing and conrunning.
  • Fiction – Terms and ideas stemming from fiction
  • Group - for groups, like filk groups, small teams, fannish groups that aren’t organized clubs, writing groups, and writing workshops. Groups are not generally open to new members.
  • Locale - Geographical areas where there is or has been fannish activity, typically cities.
  • Penname, Nickname - Former as authors, latter as people
  • Person - All articles about people.
  • Publication - A hidden category for all publications above.
  • Publisher - Applies to science fiction book and prozine publishing companies, including small presses
  • Publishing - The mechanics of producing books, fanzines etc.
  • Show - Fannish musicals, plays, films etc
  • Store - Place to buy things (generally books), bricks and mortar or online
  • Venue - A building that holds cons, clubhouses or a slan shack house.
  • Website - Fannish websites
  • Misc - Anything else, as all pages should have a category
  • None - Pages the admins don't want to have a category, generally because we don't want to index them


Anything that has a location should be one of UK, Ireland, Europe, NZ, Australia, Canada, Asia, US, ROW

People should be in at least one of these 3 categories

  • Fan - Someone with an amateur interest in fandom. They pay to do it
  • Pro - Someone with a professional interest. Author, publisher, actor, artist, illustrator, journalist, academic etc. They get paid to do it. Someone can be both a fan and a pro.
  • Mundane - Someone outside of the SF community, like a scientist or actor (scientists who are fans do not get the Mundane category also.)

Conventions will be given a subcategory automatically based on their {{convention}} contents. Do not add them manually

  • Conseries - The master page for a convention series
  • Onetimecon - For conventions that only ran once
  • Inseries - Conventions as part of a series

Publications should be one of

  • APA, Fanzine, Apazine, Newszine, Fanthology - Different sorts of fan publications. Regardless of type (newszine, etc) pubs in any of these categories should also be tagged as a fanzine.
  • Prozine, Semiprozine
  • Book - A notable book, series of books, song book, or a short story, length is not an issue, format is.
  • Bibliography - A list of books, fanzines, prozines, etc.

Descriptive categories[edit]

People can also be Artist - Anyone who produces art, including video.

All pages can be one of these



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