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Bubonicon 1 was held April 11, 1966, bt it never happened -- or, rather -- no one knew at the time that it was a Bubonicon. As is related in Albuquerque SF Society, "The most prominent event in New Mexico fandom was the dinner meeting on April 11, 1966 at the Bella Vista, with about 20 people present. Guests were Jack Williamson and Don Wollheim. Wollheim was presented a facetious demand for staples instead of glue in paperback books, hearkening back to the Staple Wars of the 1940s. Caz Casadessus came down from Denver for the meeting. This meeting later became referred to as Bubonicon 1..." At first, the convention was known as "NewMexiCon", but at least it did happen in Albuquerque, NM.

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