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The first Bangkok SF Convention, henceforth to be known as the BANGCON was attended by one fan -- namely, me. The meeting was called to order in the bar of the New Plaza Hotel. (The Erawan was full of tourists, so that Samuel Butler can rest quietly in his grave.) Refreshments were served to each actifan. After a thoughtful discussion of geo-politics and the relative merits of Thai, Chinese and American culture, BANGCON Hq were moved to the bar of the Princess Hotel. More refreshments were served and a brief but heated panel debate about the rate of exchange between Yankee dollars and Siamese baht was won by the bartender. The BANGCON moved along to the Chez Eve night club. Here, as sometimes happens to the best of SF conventions, events became a bit confused and a young Siamese lady joined the BANGCON. Further activities would pro­bably be of negligible interest to Fandom.

Reported by Art Wilson of Hong Kong in KiwiFan 9, October 1958, p. 28.

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