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A club in Baltimore, MD, organized some time in the 1950s, Baltimore having been without organized fandom since the demise of the SFL before World War II. Members included Ted Pauls, John Hitchcock, Raleigh Multog, John Magnus, and Marian Oaks. Ted White, who lived in Washington, DC, was a regular attendee. The club met monthly; the meeting site for much of the club's existence was the home of Marian Oaks.

The club was fanzine-oriented and nearly all of the members published fanzines at to one time or another or were members of APAs. Ray J. Sienkiewicz published Views in SF for the Forum.

Some references suggest that it started in 1958, while others report activity as early as 1952. The club was too limited in its scope to really thrive, and disappeared around 1963.

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