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Bachelor's Stf Association of the World, a club promoted by Hal Shapiro in 1951–52. The bachelor members were neither exclusively male nor unmarried. Shapiro sold memberships at Midwestcon 3 and franked a rider about it through SAPS with AJ-73-16 in July ’52.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Hal Shapiro formed the Bachelors' Stf Association of the World, " Fandom's only fun organization", in 1951. (It recruited about 85 members before merging with TLMA in the summer of 1952.) The membership, despite the name, included femmes and married men. Shapiro issued a bulletin or two and wrote many propagandistic articles about the club for various fanzines, but never revealed a plan or a purpose, tho he said the club was "something for which fandom has long had a need". At one time he privately stated that BSAW was a genial hoax on fan organizations in general.

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