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A convention in the UK from 1981 to 1987.

Convention Dates Location GoHs
BECCON '81 Jul 31-Aug 2 1981 Basildon Barrington Bayley
BECCON '83 Jul 29-31, 1983 Basildon Ken Bulmer
BECCON '85 Jul 26-28, 1985 Basildon Richard Cowper
BECCON '87 Apr 17-19 1987 Birmingham, UK Chris Atkinson, Keith Roberts, Jane Gaskell

BECCON was a series of three biennial conventions for the London region (held in Basildon). It then became the UK national convention in 1987 as that year the rest of British fandom needed to be free to organize Conspiracy '87.

BECCON stands for the Basildon Essex Center CONvention which then became Basildon Essex Crest CONvention as the venue hotel changed its name. For the Eastercon it became the Beccon EasterCon CONvention.

Following the conventions, the BECCON team spun out a number of long-lasting ventures. Roger Robinson created Beccon Publications, whose books have been nominated a number of times for a Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo. Jonathan Cowie with Graham Connor and other scientists and engineers continued with The Science Fact & Fiction Concatenation news and reviews zine that was launched at the 1987 BECCON.

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