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The most prestigious awards given by fandom are the Hugo Awards.

Other awards include the FAAn Awards, for faanish achievement; the Doc Weir and Big Heart Award, for service to fandom; and the Chesley Award, for stfnal art; plus there are national awards such as Japan’s Seiuns and Australia’s Ditmars. In addition, there are many local fan awards: Pillar of LASFS, Best Newcomer Award, Fan-Dango Award, Fellow of NESFA, etc.

Fancyclopedia 3 tries to document awards given to each person, but because we are Fancyclopedia, we have a strong focus on fan awards: Awards which are

  1. given by fans
  2. primarily for fannish activities

are our focus. Awards which meet only one criterion, less so. We do document pro awards, but only wins and only for major awards. We document nominations only for the Hugos. We do not document Nebula nominations and normally document Nebula wins only in the form "Two Best Novel Nebulas" without bothering to break them out by year.

For a complete list of awards, see: List of All Awards[edit]

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
The principal awards given in fandom have been called laureates and Hugos. But pros receive egoboo from their Hugos (International Fantasy Awards), Invisible Little Men, and such trophies, or from things like the LASFS' Fanquets -- which, despite the name, honor pro-crashers.
From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
The principal awards given so far have been called laureates.

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