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From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
The most plastic form of non-fiction writing. Some articles are so long as to require serialization or fill an entire booklet; paragraph-length fillers may be referred to as articles. Subjects include science discussions, news of the proz (future line-ups, changes of ownership), interviews, reviews of books movies music or what have you, collectors' dope, quizzes and polls, humor and satire, biographies of fans and pros, news of fan activities and plans, accounts of fan gatherings trips and visits, whitherings, discussion and exhortation in fan feuds, reminiscences, autoanalyses, discussion of philosophical and sociological concepts, opinions on the quality of modern stfsy, and unclassifiables like hoaxes, the number of fans having the same first name, graphanalyses, and women's hats. 'Tweren't always thus; as explained under Numerical Fandoms: First Transition the field of discussion has gradually broadened until now it takes in anything the postal laws allow, and many that they don't; this despite several "back to fantasy" movements and much exhortation by people like Marion Zimmer Bradley.

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