2025 Westercon Site Selection

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Site Selection for Westercon 77, the 2025 Westercon, was conducted at Loscon 49 in November 2023 (due to the collapse of Westercon 75).

Because no bids filed to host Westercon 77, Site Selection voting returned None of the Above and the Westercon 75 Business Meeting had to select the site.

(The BM also considered two proposals about the future of Westercon: One to retire the convention in a few years and one to disconnect the convention from its traditional July 4th weekend. The "Retire Westercon" option was rejected while the abandonment of the July 4th requirement passed and this will be passed on to Westercon 76 in 2024 for ratification.)

While three different groups expressed an interest in hosting Westercon 77, none of them were in a position to commit, so the Business Meeting nominally awarded the convention to a "Caretaker Committee" of Kevin Standlee and Lisa Hayes, with the understanding that the CC will consider proposals from groups interested in hosting Westercon 77, and transfer the right to host the 2025 Westercon to any group committed to hosting the convention under the current rules or, should they reject all proposals, host the convention themselves.

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