2000 DUFF Race

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The 2000 DUFF race was to send a fan from Australia/New Zealand to North America to attend Chicon 2000, the 2000 Worldcon. The candidates were Susan Batho and Cathy Cupitt, who won.

Final results for the election were a total of 133 ballots cast, subtracting 22 ballots with no preference, for 111 ballots cast with a preference. Admins were Janice Gelb and Terry Frost.

Candidate ANZ NA Total
Susan Batho 14 22 36
Cathy Cupitt 38 30 68
No Preference 0 22 22
Hold Over Funds 0 5 5
Write-ins* 0 2 2

*Write-ins were John Bangsund (2), The Crocodile Hunter, The Rogers Street Laundry Door

2000 DUFF ballot Full Results of 2000 DUFF Race

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