1986 Worldcon Site Selection

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Site selection for the 1986 Worldcon was conducted by LACon II, the 1984 Worldcon. There was a DC in '86 bid which did not file and hence did not appear on the ballot. Bidders were Atlanta in '86, New York in '86 and Philadelphia in '86. (See Atlanta in '86 for a discussion of the two Atlanta bids which existed for a time.)

The results were:

Bidder Mail At-con Total
Atlanta in '86 298 491 789
Philadelphia in '86 116 185 301
New York in '86 96 146 242
No Preference 9 20 29
None of the Above 1 6 7
Valid ballots 520 848 1368
Invalid ballots 14 12 26

Atlanta in '86 received an absolute majority of the vote and was the winner, going on to run ConFederation.

The printed report does not list write-ins, which may have been treated as invalid ballots.

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