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Easter Chessmancon
July 12 Minneapa founded
September 1-4 (Labor Day) L.A.con I
December 14 Apollo 17 lifts off from the Moon's surface, ending the real world travel of men to the Moon
St. Louis SF Society founded
DUFF started: Lesleigh Luttrell (South)
NESFA Press started
First BYOB-Con
First Eurocon

Onetime conventions:

Publications started or ended:

12204 Poems4M99 Bottles of SAPS on the WallA Little Music, A Little MagicA Silly Millimeter LongerAFricANAberrationAdzine for AddictsAmon DinAmon HenAnAn Urgent PleaAndurilArctic Village EchoesAshes to AshesAwryBSFA BulletinBeABohemaBinaryBletheringsBraynwodBundalohn QuarterlyBut Doreen!!Chunder!CorrelateCozineDallascon BulletinDon't Give Me THAT Bull, Pasiphae!Eternity Science FictionFIAWOLFanthology 64Finders KeepersFocal PointFoulerFoundationFredric BrownFree OrbitGallimaufryGambitGammaGammaGates of EdenGreatest Sensation of the CenturyGreen DragonGross-OutHPLHorrible StoriesHot ShitIdiocy CouchantIseultIt Comes in the MailJohn W. Campbell -- An Australian TributeKybenLittle Shoppe of HorrorsLurkMacrocosmMadame Frog's Catalogue of the OccultMadcapMalfunctionMaule's WellMdrglMechtaMidwordMythcon II ProceedingsNadirNatteringsNazgulNemesisNutteringsOAFSOMPA CombozineOSFIC QuarterlyOrganleggerPabloParanoidParadoxPenultimate BlimpPhoenixPotlatchPrivate Cellar ClubRally 'Round the Flag, Boys!Rats!Rave ReviewRotsler's RocksRubber DuckieSF ArenaSandersSfärenSiddharthaSomething Else...Strawberry FunniesSword of SolomanTerran TimesThe FanarchistThe Great Horned ToadThe Incompleat Terry CarrThe Legal RulesThe Lesser TypewriterThe MediaThe Turning WormTime Is Short and the Sun Also RisesTitleTravels with ChalkerTurkish DelightsUnabashed PlugViewpointWabbit TwacksWadezineWe Grock You, S.F.P.A.X-Ray Delta 1

Publishers founded or closed:

Stores opened or closed:

New fanspeak coined:




New Zealand:


4 Poems99 Bottles of SAPS on the WallA Change of HobbitA Little Music, A Little MagicA Silly Millimeter LongerAPA-πAberrationAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror FilmsAdzine for AddictsAggieCon IIIAmon DinAn Urgent PleaAndy WeirArctic Village EchoesAwryBYOB-ConBYOB-Con 1BYOB-Con 2Balticon 6Baycon II in '72BeABohemaBoskone 9BraynwodBubonicon 4But Doreen!!ChambanaCon 2Charles SchneemanChris McGrathCon-FusionConQuesTCorrelateCozineDUFFDallascon BulletinDeepSouthCon 10DestinyDirce S. ArcherDisclave 16Don't Give Me THAT Bull, Pasiphae!Equicon '72Eternity Science FictionFIAWOLFantasy Films InternationalFanthology 64Finders KeepersFocal PointFran WildeFredric BrownFredric BrownGallimaufryGates of EdenGreatest Sensation of the CenturyGreen DragonGross-OutHPLHorrible StoriesHot ShitIt Comes in the MailJoshua PalmatierKybenL.A.Con IFred Pohl's LAcon I ReminiscenceLA in '72LexiconLittle Shoppe of HorrorsLunacon 15Madame Frog's Catalogue of the OccultMarcon VIIMechtaMid-America Con 1MidAmerica-ConMidAmerica-Con 2Midwestcon 23MidwordMileHiCon 4Minicon 6MinneapaMythcon II ProceedingsMythcon IIIN. K. JemisinNatteringsNemesisNoel JenkinNorman KnightNorwestercon IINutteringsOAFSOrganleggerOzarkon VIIPaolo BacigalupiPeconPecon 3PgHLANGE IVPhilcon 1972PhoenixPotlatchPulpconPulpcon 1972REHUPARally 'Round the Flag, Boys!Rats!Rave ReviewRotsler's RocksRubber DuckieS. P. MeekS.T.A.R.SandersScience Fiction Book Review IndexSecondary Universe VStrawberry FunniesSword of SolomanTad DembinskiTammy CoxenThe Conan GrimoireThe Great Horned ToadThe Incompleat Terry CarrThe Legal RulesThe MediaThe TurdThelma J. KellyThomas Calvert McClaryTime Is Short and the Sun Also RisesTitleTolkien Society of AmericaTravels with ChalkerTurkish DelightsUnabashed PlugUnited Fanzine OrganizationUpperSouthClave IIWabbit TwacksWe Grock You, S.F.P.A.Westercon 25X-Ray Delta 1

Rest of the World:

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