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Walter Dunkelberger was president of the N3F in the mid-1940s. He held other positions in the club also, including editor of TNFF and President in the mid-1940s. His photograph appears on page 177 of Harry Warner, Jr.'s All Our Yesterdays.

Dunkelberger was an important early Midwest fan who attended the Little Chicon during the War, was an editor of FANEWS[CARD] and, (less positively) was named one of the Turgid Triplets due to his terrible writing style. Publications included Introducing 'Dunk--'.

He is believed to have been one of the models for fan Joe Doppelberg in the Fredric Brown story What Mad Universe. In the story, the protagonist, a science fiction editor, has been trapped in the sort of universe that only an especially annoying fan would dream up.

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