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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
(Bradley-Quinn) The original all-femmefan society, formed in 1948 in Albany, NY by Dorothy Quinn, prexy, and Marion Zimmer. At one time there were as many as 40 members and 2-3 issues were published on an Official Organ, The Vamp. (There was also an unofficial hektoed magazine circulated, called Gal Ghoul.) Members included such later-famous femmefans as Genevieve K. Stephens, as well as Gerry de la Ree -- who was invited to join through sheer misapprehension. The club never did anything at all, and disintegrated from inertia in 1949, which explains MZB's later cynical attitude towards femmefan societies. I've been unable to find out just what the connection is between this group and that mentioned under Female Clubs; the latter is from a less reliable source.
From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Female Clubs I omitted the Vampyre Society, a thing organized by Marion Z. Bradley during the late '40s. This may have been her source for the observation on men's superiority to women quote in Fancyclopedia II. The club was the reason for the creation of Alice Douglas, a sexy femme, who joined because the all-male Misfits wanted to get the Official Organ Harpy's Bizarre, doubtless in the belief that the wimmenfolk discussed Lewd Subjects therein. Unfortunately, Alice's letters were so smutty that the prudish Mrs. Bradley kicked her out.

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