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(Did you mean the Vayne and MacDonald fanzine or the Swedish fanzine?)

DNQ and DNP are initialisms for, respectively, Do Not Quote and Do Not Print (or Publish or Post). This is important fan etiquette.

While letters technically remain the intellectual property of the writer, the editors of most newspapers, magazines and fanzines assume anything submitted to them is for publication. Saying, "The following is DNP..." indicates that you are withdrawing any implicit permission to print (or post) that part of your missive, while DNQ means not only “Don’t print this,” but also, “This is between you and me — keep it to yourself.”

Less restricted, but rarer forms are "DNA" (Do Not Attribute — pass it on but don't say who told you), "DNB" (Do Not Blab — pass it on only to reasonably discreet people).

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