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Joke awards presented by Ian Gunn. (Teaspoons only cause a little stir.) He said that they were primarily for "unsung heroes" of fandom, but were also available "in trade" for awards from other people.


(presented at Constantinople)

Most Contrived Name Dropping Beky Tully

Most Creative Use of Modern Technology Lewis Morley & Marilyn Pride

Most Productive Neofan of 1994 Sue Peukert

Most Strenuous Self-Promotion Gallifrey

Most Feared Fictional Villain for 1994 Derek Screen

Mister Macho 1994 Glen Tilley


(presented at the Festival of the Imagination 1996)

  • Roman Orszanski for Most Creative Alteration to a Voting Form.
  • Eric Lindsay for Most Selfless Vow of Poverty.
  • Jan Wilson for World's Longest Closing Ceremony.
  • Richard Scriven (5 teaspoons) in exchange for the Best Short Fiction Ditmar, Best Fan Writer Ditmar, Best Fan Artist Ditmar, Best Fan Writer ASFMA and Best Fan Artist ASFMA.


(presented at Basicon 2)

  • The Basicon 2 Ditmar Awards sub-committee in exchange for the Best Fan Artist Ditmar.
  • Tracey Oliphant for Best Emergence from Gafiation.
  • Alan Stewart for Most Boring Telephone Answering Machine Message.
  • Eric Lindsay for Most Constructive Biography.

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