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The WSFS constitution permits a Worldcon committee to add a single additional Hugo category at its discretion. The category is run -- public nominations and final vote -- like any other category. A Worldcon committee does not have the authority to award a Hugo by any other process.

The specific section of the Hugo Rules is

3.3.15: Additional Category. Not more than one special category may be created by the current Worldcon Committee with nomination and voting to be the same as for the permanent categories. The Worldcon Committee is not required to create any such category; such action by a Worldcon Committee should be under exceptional circumstances only; and the special category created by one Worldcon Committee shall not be binding on following Committees. Awards created under this paragraph shall be considered to be Hugo Awards.

This power is sometimes used to do a trial of a potential new category to see if it will actually work.

Committee Special Categories and Other One-Time Hugos:[edit]

See also Hugo Awards, Special Committee Award.

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