Slovak Sokol Hall

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Slovak Sokol Hall, 1967

A "gloomy" hall at 358 Morris Ave., Newark, NJ, which was the meeting place of ESFA and site of many early conventions and fan gatherings. As of 2023, it has been demolished and its site is a vacant lot on a mostly derelict street.

Joe Kennedy wrote in “After the Atom”:

Not the least attractive feature of Slovak Sokol Hall was the fact that it rented for $3. The proprietor, a cunning character, allowed this low rent in the expectation of getting business for his bar downstairs. Little did he realize that the upper lips of fully half the club's membership bore less fuzz than a peace -- uh -- peach. Many a sober speech on the place of science fiction in the modern world was drowned out by the thumping strains of a polka wafting upward, accompanied by legions of boots clomping the barroom floor.
Year Events
1938 Fourth Eastern convention
1945 First meeting of the Null-A Men (and continued site of ESFA meetings)
1948 1948 Open ESFA and many, many subsequent Open ESFAs

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