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A STF and FSY Songbook was a book of song texts distributed at Pittcon in 1960. The editor was Hal Shapiro. It would be called a filk book today, but the term wasn't yet in widespread use. The date given in the songbook was 2060.

It included texts by Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Damon Knight, and other professional authors as well as fans. One of the items is a full operetta parodying Gilbert and Sullivan, called "Impatience, or Hubbard's Bride," by Charles Tanner.

The last page includes the statement, "And with this we end the first in what is hoped will be a series of Science-Fiction and Fantasy Song Books." There was no further series in the sense of books with direct continuity, but it was one of the first of many filk songbooks published in connection with conventions.

See also: Songs from Space, published in 1957; Filk Books.

Publication 1960
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