Reno Task Punchlist

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Punch list of items needed to be done for Fanac exhibit at Reno

Who? Status Task
Todd Dashoff Confirmed -- space originally planned for a library exhibit.## Confirm that we have space in a decent location
Todd Dashoff Gary Feldbaum has ordered the Foamcore and it will be delivered.## Confirm that Reno will procure foam core needed locally
Todd Dashoff There is a plan involving pegboard. Deails unknown. Provide a workable means of supporting the form core.
mlo, et al many selected, mostly stubs Select the pages to be used in the exhibit and write them to a sufficient degree.
mlo we have a plausible plan, but need to demonstrate feasibility Devise and confirm a method of simulating hyperlinks on the boards.
Todd In Exhibits plan.## Arrange for tables and chairs
mlo Using yarn supplied by Priscilla.## Procure materials for hyperlinks
mlo many done Print pages
mlo et al Work out details of process for fans to interact with exhibit and document for use at exhibit
mlo Do signage
Joe Done.## Purchase new laptop for Fanac
Joe Done.## Purchase new printer for Fanac
Joe, Todd Todd has requested Reno's organization to supply one computer. Arrange for computer from Reno
Joe, Todd In Exhibits plan.## Arrange for electrical power for exhibit
Todd We will have access to hall's wireless## Make sure we have Internet connection
Fanac members Mark, Edie, Joe, Melanie ## Commit to manning exhibit
mlo Done.## Procure tape, pens, and other misc supplies needed
mlo Done. 500 made.## Produce Fancy 3 cards to be handed out.
Edie, Joe, mlo Edie got OKs from Chris Garcia, Steven Silver, David Kyle & Joe Haldeman. Mike Resnick declined because he will not be at Reno.## Arrange for people for docent tours
Joe, mlo Publicize docent tours
Joe, mlo Document the growth of it in photos. Put on website and in newsletter.
Joe, mlo Get full-sized color scans of F1 and F2 for display.
Joe, mlo Joe provided hardbound copy of Fancy1 and looseleaf photocopy of Fancy 2 to display. ## Get copies of F1 and F2 for display