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A fanzine published with twenty issues by H. C. Koenig in New York City. It was distributed through FAPA and NAPA.

Koenig's secretary did most of the work of publication. Koenig worked as an electrical engineer for Electrical Testing Laboratories, in New York,. He would write "scathing comments on inane professional writing and stupid fannish opinions", and then turn the manuscript over to his secretary and let her do all the rest.

Issue Date Pages Notes
V1.1 1938
V1.2 May 1939
V1.3 September 1939 14 Corner stapled
V1.4 December 1939
V1.5 May 1940
V1.6 December 1940
V2.1 March 1941
V2.2 June 1941
V2.3 September 1941
V2.4 December 1941
V2.5 March 1942
V2.6 June 1942 12 in FAPA 20
V3.1 December 1942 11 in FAPA 22
V3.2 June 1943 10 in FAPA 24
V3.3 June 1944 14 in FAPA 28
V3.4 April 1945
V3.5 October 1945 18 Single-sided
V3.6 January 1946
V4.1 April 1946
V4.2 October 1946 19 Single-sided. Final issue

The Reader and Collector online at

Publication Reasonator 19381946
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