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Random Realities is a bit enigmatic, but it seems to have been an LA-area club. The only person we know to have been connected with it was Keith Williams. It does not appear to have been associated with either LASFS or SCIFI, yet it seems to have been active at least from mid-1984 to 1990.

LA in '87[edit]

LA in '87 was a losing Westercon bid to hold the 1987 Westercon at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton. It was distinct from the LA in '87 bid. The bid was run by Keith Williams and sponsored by Random Realities. It seems not to have been a LASFS- or SCIFI-sponsored bid. It was active in mid-1984.

Random Realities -- The Convention[edit]

It is not clear if this convention actually happened, but in 1989 it was advertised itself as a "Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Event for the 90s" to be held April 13-15, 1990 at the Hacienda Hotel in El Segundo, CA. The GoHs were Fred Pohl and Bill Conlin (FGoH).

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