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A small press specializing in science fiction and fantasy. It was founded by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach in 1946 in Reading, Pennsylvania, and was one of the pioneer sf small presses. It closed in 1958 and sold its remaining stock to Donald M. Grant.

Polaris Press, an imprint of Fantasy Press, was used to publish two books that didn't fit the Fantasy Press line: The Heads of Cerberus by Francis Stevens (1952) and The Abyss of Wonders by Perley Poore Sheehan (1953).

Books published by Fantasy Press:

Spacehounds of IPC Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1947
The Legion of Space Jack Williamson 1947
Of Worlds Beyond Lloyd Arthur Eshbach 1947
The Forbidden Garden John Taine 1947
The Book of Ptath A. E. van Vogt 1947
The Black Flame Stanley G. Weinbaum 1948
Triplanetary Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1948
Beyond This Horizon Robert A. Heinlein 1948
Sinister Barrier Eric Frank Russell 1948
Skylark Three Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1948
Divide and Rule & The Stolen Dormouse L. Sprague de Camp 1948
Darker Than You Think Jack Williamson 1949
Skylark of Valeron Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1949
Seven Out of Time Arthur Leo Zagat 1949
The Incredible Planet John W. Campbell, Jr. 1949
A Martian Odyssey and Others Stanley G. Weinbaum 1949
First Lensman Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1950
Masters of Time A. E. van Vogt 1950
The Bridge of Light A. Hyatt Verrill 1950
Genus Homo L. Sprague de Camp and P. Schuyler Miller 1950
The Cometeers Jack Williamson 1950
Galactic Patrol Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1950
The Moon is Hell John W. Campbell, Jr. 1950
Dreadful Sanctuary Eric Frank Russell 1951
Beyond Infinity Robert Spencer Carr 1951
Gray Lensman Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1951
Seeds of Life John Taine 1951
The Crystal Horde John Taine 1952
The Red Peri Stanley G. Weinbaum 1952
The Legion of Time Jack Williamson 1952
The Titan P. Schuyler Miller 1952
The Black Star Passes John W. Campbell, Jr. 1953
Man of Many Minds E. Everett Evans 1953
Assignment in Eternity Robert A. Heinlein 1953
Second Stage Lensman Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1953
Deep Space Eric Frank Russell 1954
Three Thousand Years Thomas Calvert McClary 1954
Children of the Lens Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1954
Operation: Outer Space Murray Leinster 1954
G.O.G. 666 John Taine 1954
Under the Triple Suns Stanton A. Coblentz 1955
The Tyrant of Time Lloyd Arthur Eshbach 1955
Alien Minds E. Everett Evans 1955
Islands of Space John W. Campbell, Jr. 1957
The Vortex Blaster Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1960
Invaders from the Infinite John W. Campbell, Jr. 1961
The History of Civilization Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. 1961

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